The source of stand-alone power supply EVOGRESS is a highly efficient, silent, environmentally friendly energy system designed for autonomous power supply of remote objects in the absence of centralized electricity and heat supply.


Structurally, the source of stand-alone power supply EVOGRESS is a turnkey modular package cogeneration plant, which uses natural gas, LNG, LPG, diesel and solid fuels as fuel material.


The use of the Stirling engine in industrial EVOGRESS units along with other innovative technical solutions ensures a long service life (over 20 years), high efficiency (up to 85% during operation in cogeneration mode) and allows them to be safely used without the presence of any personnel.


The sources of stand-alone power supply EVOGRESS are compact and easy to install, have a modular construction and can be scaled depending on the need for electricity.

Operating costs

Maintenance of the units is carried out not more than once a year. At the same time, in the first three years of operation, there is no need for routine spare parts for servicing. The units do not require lubricating and hydraulic fluids. A 60% ethylene glycol solution in a volume of not more than 120 liters is used in the cooling system of the installation; it is replaced once every 5 years. There are no specific requirements for the coolant.


Staff management and monitoring of the status of the units is carried out through a standard Internet connection. It can also be carried out by means of remote control and monitoring via satellite (optional feature).

Sources of stand-alone power supply EVOGRESS allow you to create intelligent local energy microgrid (Smart Grid), adapted to the needs of facilities, where the required generated power is determined based on the average electricity consumption, and the power consumption during peak loads is compensated by the power of the inverter and the capacity of the electric power storage device. Other sources of energy generation, for example, renewable energy sources can also be applied.